Why won’t my Cymbidium Orchid flower checklist

Is it too dark? Cymbidium orchids need only 50-70% shade. If your plant has lots of new growth but no flower spikes, this could well be the problem. Also check for overhanging trees.

Are the pots too crowded? Spread your Cymbidium orchids out 10 inches between 10 inch pots, 12 inches between 12 inch pots etc. Jamming your orchids in your growing area pot to pot means they will shade each other.

Are they getting too much nitrogen? Giving your Cymbidium orchid high nitrogen fertilser all year round will cause an abundance of new growth, but no spikes. Switch to a blossom booster in December and continue for 6 months.

Cool down your orchids in the Summer Months. (December, January, February). Drop the night temperature by 10 degrees or so, by spraying your orchids with cool water, (out of a hose is fine). Do this on warm evenings