Whoa, would you believe it!

Our club has reached its 50th year of service. How time flies! Equally important is the fact that many of the early pioneers of our Orchidaceous Society are still around, still showing their plants and still helping out in various capacities, including the present Committee.

Clubs, on the average, do not survive long unless their core values remain relevant and valid to the general public. In fact the common threads of our core values, which were and still remain our driving force, are equally as important and valid today to our members and, we dare say, to the public at large. They are:

  • Immense satisfaction in bringing our plants – various orchid genera at hand – to flower.
  • A sense of achievement in succeeding to improve what nature created, through hybridizing.
  • A strong sense of obligation to preserve our native orchid species, especially now that their natural habitat is ever shrinking, threatening them with extinction.

To commemorate our Golden Anniversary we have created this link and on a monthly basis we will include morsels of appetising information, linked to the life of our association since its inception.

Special 50th Anniversary October 2015 Review