The Society shall consist of the following classes of January 2020

  • Ordinary members which may be either single or joint. Each party of a joint membership is entitled to one vote whenever ballot is required.
  • Junior members (under the age of 16 years). A junior member may not vote and is ineligible to be a member of the Committee.
  • Life members as elected pursuant to rule 5.5

Who can apply for membership?

Anyone who is willing to embrace our society’s  philosophy, its ethos and its values is eligible to join us.

Membership application   –   Download Membership Form 2018 Membership form

All prospective members must complete the Application form (including age if under 16 years) and forward it to the committee, together with the set subscription fee which currently stands as follows:

Junior membership free

Single membership  $25

Combined membership $35


Every association’s success is heavily dependant on the collective support of its members. Our SA Orchidaceous Society has been fortunate in being patronised by members who care and are always willing to lend a hand. Some of our members however have been willing to go beyond the call of duty. They, without any doubt, have become instrumental in our society’s long journey of success. In appreciation, our Orchidaceous Society has granted them with Life Membership.

At present our life membership list stands as follows, in alphabetical order:

Brian Brand

Shirley Brand

Alan Davies

Iris Davies

Kevin Gurney

Margaret Jacob

Trevor Jacob

Deane Johnston

Harold Luckhurst

Noel Oliver *

Peter Speer *

Kel Staples

*  Deceased