Sarcochilus are natives of Australia, growing mainly in the upper region of New South Wales and Queensland in the wild, however they have adapted well to the cooler southern states.


Sarcochilus should be grown under 50% shade in winter. At least 85% shade is recommended in summer. They must not be exposed to the direct mid-day sun in summer as they will burn easily.


During winter , watering may be left to nature unless there is an exceptionally dry spell.

Give the plant enough water to keep it damp but do not overwater as this will promote root rot.

In the hot weather they may need watering two or three times a week and on very hot days they will need watering daily.


A liquid fertilizer, for example Power Feed with Seasol at . strength in rainwater,or Aquasol at . strength or Miracle plant food at . strength should be given each 14 days throughout the year.


Potting Material 

THE MIX SHOULD BE OPEN AND FREE DRAINING. Small bark is a good medium, using a 100 by 75 millimetre pot for small plants , graduating to a 125 or 150 by 75 millimetre pot for larger plants. These plants like a well aired pot to promote good root growth.

Aerial roots may develop out of the pot, this is natural and if the tips of these roots are green,it indicates you have a healthy and well growing plant.