During active growth, Pterostylis or greenhoods should be under 50% shade cloth, Corybas prefer more shade and Diuris like a little more light. All need protection from frost. Good air movement is essential.

When dormant, over summer, they need more shade.


The soil should be kept moist at all times during the growing period – Autumn, Winter & Spring, water gently. When the leaves start to yellow, reduce water until the leaves are completely gone and allow the pots to dry out completely. Dormant pots should be allowed to dry out between very light waterings until the end of February.


Terrestrials don’t need a great deal of fertiliser and are very susceptible to burning from fertiliser . A very dilute liquid foliar fertiliser can be used when plants are in their early growth stage.

Potting Material 

Pterostylis or greenhoods and Corybas should be re-potted every year. Diuris can be left for two years. When dormant, usually December -January, tip the pots out onto a sheet of newspaper and carefully separate the tubers (they look like small whitish peas). Keep half the old soil and mix this with a mixture of 50% general commercial potting mix and 50% washed sand and a pinch of blood and bone. Fill a 125mm or 150mm pot to within 3 cms of the top and place the tubers around the pot. Top with mix and press down. Cover the soil with a fine layer of either chopped sheoak needles or chopped pine needles to stop the soil from causing the leaves to rot. Water in well but gently.