Vandas need warm, humid growing conditions. They are slow growing and may take up to 7 years from seedling to first flowering.

There are 3 main types.

Strap-leaf Vandas have flat, broad leaves, alternating on the left and right sides up the plant. Flower spikes also alternate from side to side, coming from the leaf axils on the upper part of the plant.

Terete-leaf Vandas have cylindrical leaves, about pencil size, with their bases encircling the stem. Flower spikes appear on the stem opposite a leaf.

Semi-terete Vandas are hybrids, they show in between leaf types but may form multiple spikes, several times each year.


Vandas require bright light, they should be hung high, if in a green house, in winter, to achieve this. 50% shadecloth for terete, and 60-65% shadecloth for semi-terete and strap-leaf is recommended. Preferred temperatures are Winter 18-21C and Summer 18-32C.


Vandas appreciate a humid environment, but do not like being kept wet. Hanging tellansia (Grand Fathers Beard ) over bare roots and hanging down over the root system will collect moisture and fertilizer without allowing it to come in direct contact with the plant. Fine misting and a fan can assist in summer.


Vandas are very hungry plants, requiring a little often. During growing season, feed with a well balanced fertilizer, once a week, for 2 weeks, then a low nitrogen fertilizer in week 3 and repeat from September to March. Use no stronger than . recommended strength. During the dormant period, only feed fortnightly with a low nitrogen fertilizer.

Potting Material 

Vandas can be planted out from flasks or community pots into 50mm tubes using a mix of 60 % medium bark, 30 % washed coconut chunks and 10 % polystyrene (coconut chunks are discretional )When tubes are outgrown, the plants can be potted on into larger pots (115 mm ) or into baskets. Larger bark and polystyrene pieces give the roots something to hold onto and at the same time provide good air circulation around them. Old Man’s Beard over the top keeps the bark moist during summer