On 28 May 28 2011 Anton Drew ran a photography session at his house to teach members how to get good pictures from their point and shoot cameras.

When everyone arrived, Anton provided a tour of his new “Orchidarium” which took him nearly 12 months to build and there were many comments on the size of it’s unique design.

There were several backdrops set up for members to use to photograph plants they had supplied, plus some Tolumnia Anton provided so they could practice macr o photography of tiny flowers.

As the “students” were photographing Anton would talk them through the best procedure to capture their flowers, thereby offering hands on experience.

Members learnt a lot from having hands on help with their cameras and felt more confident with obtaining better photographs of their flowers. We will be expecting some interesting photos at our shows this year.

As is custom, everyone enjoyed a BBQ after “class” and this was used as an informal Question and Answer Session to clear up any unanswered questions from the practical session.